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Going for an EXTREME sparkle?! Add our full service sparklers to your cold spark package for a most extravagant exit! We will provide the sparklers, arrange guests, give instructions, distribute the sparklers, light them, and help guests safely put them out in an appropriate container.  We properly dispose of the used sparklers afterwards, so there's no clean up for you, your coordinator, or your venue!


The most whimsical way to walk out of your reception - BUBBLES! From bubble machines to bubble guns and blowing bubbles, we've got you covered! This is a great option for stricter venues that don't allow sparklers (or anything a bit messy). Watch as your guests' inner kids come out as they shower you with love, celebration, and a very bubbly goodbye!


Imagine this: running through a tunnel of disco balls and silver streamers! With our no-mess streamers and iridescent disco ball balloons, this exit is the grooviest that it can get. Your guests will get a mix of streamers to shower you and (non-helium) disco ball balloons to hold up as you walk through the most fun exit anyone will ever be a part of! (We will also place real disco balls at the end in front of your cold sparks!)


Heading 1


This one is a simple classic! With our biodegradable rice confetti you will get the most magical photos as the pieces effortlessly flutter and sprinkle around you. Every guest will get a pinch of confetti to create the most dreamy exit, this is low-mess and eco-friendly with a high reward! Normally recommended for grassy areas, but we are happy to follow clean up requirements for concrete send offs.


Light up your night with our LED foam glow stick wands! These are a party MUST, guests of all ages love these and they make for super fun party photos. We will bring them to your event unpackaged, turned on and ready to go, and walk through the crowd with our famous light-up basket to pass them out and make sure everyone gets in on the fun! Keep in mind - these can also be re-used to the exit! (Pairs well with our "Bubbly Blowout")

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*subject to venue allowance and/or burn bans

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